Maintenance / Refurbishment

Nico Contractors Ltd offers specialist skills to the social housing, public and private sectors and works with in partnerships with some of the largest local councils in the UK to provide responsive repairs and a planned maintenance and adaptation service to thousands of homes and public buildings. 

Refurbishment frequently involves employing our expertise in different property types including tower blocks or older properties. Typical works include external fabric repairs to stone work, concrete and masonry elements. Replacement kitchens and bathrooms, new central heating, wall insulation, rewiring, new roofs, cladding, timber care repairs doors and windows, as well as general repairs. 

Customer satisfaction is essential, and is achieved through directly employed active staff who are trained and understanding the importance of their individual roles in delivering a successful project.  

Nico Contractors Ltd is experienced in working on large Partnering Projects with in the London Boroughs.

Restorative / Heritage works

Nico Contractors Ltd has considerable experience with period buildings and have undertaken extensive and detailed works to a number of proprieties within London.

We have also been involved in a number of projects that required restoration to the external facade of the building, as well as internal restoration works. On a number of properties our works were carried out whilst the buildings were occupied, we worked with the clients and their tenants in order to minimise any disruption whilst we carrying out the works. We also have extensive experience working in properties affected by Asbestos and even Anthrax and other such hazardous products associated with older properties.

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